Fans Seem Unimpressed With The Recently

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Sony recently unveiled the new PlayStation 5 controller, and fans seem mixed to say the least. Many have had some criticisms, to say it lightly.

Before you start, it would be a good idea to read what you should expect. When it comes to construction, it’s not necessarily bad, and there are still a lot of things we don’t know. For example, it is unclear what type of autonomy we should expect, although it seems confirmed that the controller will use a rechargeable battery. Fans Seem Unimpressed With The Recently Revealed PlayStation 5 Controller

But we do have a good idea of ​​quite a few things, and it seems that, despite making a huge leap away from the usual design, many in the gaming community are a little displeased. More than anything, it seems like some of the old faults that fans have been upset are coming back.

The main thing people laugh at is the way the left and right trigger buttons still protrude. Rather than being aligned with the controller and sinking into the body when pressed like the buttons on an Xbox controller, the trigger buttons on the new DualSense 5 controller always extend beyond the body of the controller. .

This means that when you place the controller flat on your back, it probably presses the buttons. Because of this, the controller has become famous for accidentally speeding up or rewinding a video you’re watching, or accidentally forcing your character in a game to activate anything that that button would activate – usually filming, which is always fun in a system. stealthy. Game.

Other fans weren’t impressed with the white body, although there is also a black variant. The white Xbox 360 controllers sadly attracted a large amount of dust, dirt, grease and body oils, which quickly gave the controllers a worn and disgusting appearance. Although players can avoid the white controller, this
does not prevent people from expressing their dissatisfaction.