First Official Pokémon GO Lab Opens

Ikebukuro, Tokyo now has three Pokémon stores. They are all located in the Sunshine City Mall which has a hotel, an aquarium, a movie theater, a mall and more. The first Pokémon GO Lab store in the world has just opened next to the Mega Tokyo branch and the Pikachu candy store.

The Pokémon GO Lab opened on December 19 on the second floor of the Sunshine City shopping center. It is the first themed store after the mobile title. Not only is the Pokémon GO Lab a place to buy limited edition products, but also a place where players can get together for mobile gaming.

Products bring many elements of the game to life. First Official Pokémon GO Lab Opens in Japan Near Pokémon Mega Tokyo Store There are ID card holders, pockets that look like the game’s egg incubators, phone cases, candy, clothes, hats, and more. There are also many elements based on the three teams in the game, so players can represent their favorites.

At the location, there are several Pokémon GO themed areas. Players can take photos, fight, or trade Pokémon. There is a large area that looks like a Pokémon GO gym. In the middle of the room, there is a screen where players can learn more about gym leaders and Pokémon. The screen also changes color to represent the different Pokémon GO teams.

The lab also houses a life-size statue of Professor Willow, which helps new coaches learn how to play the game. The figure is housed behind ropes, so visitors can only watch and not touch the statue.