Journey Is Finally Coming To Steam This Thursday And The Steam Page Is Already Active

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In the context of a seemingly endless desert that will appeal to people who did not need to live in a desert, the players are only accompanied by a Grammy-nominated orchestral score which seems to accentuate a player’s loneliness , at least until a travel companion joins you to determine what exactly needs to happen to reach the next area.

It was a title that was deemed flawless by a wide variety of critics, ranging from Giant Bomb to The Guardian, and we will soon see if this apparent perfection can move to the PC, where available titles that have little players in an environment which somehow has even less is much more robust than consoles. Journey Is Finally Coming To Steam This Thursday And The Steam Page Is Already Active

However, cynicism may not be well deserved for Journey; there is something to be said for speechless attempts at your companion when you are trying to guide them through a segment.

thatgamecompany chose to make the multiplayer surprisingly vague for whatever reason, leaving the multiplayer mechanism much more like Dark Souls than a more modern adventure like Far Cry.

The title already has an active Steam page, but it should be noted that there is currently no price tag associated with this page on the page. It is currently selling for $ 15 on the PlayStation Store, and will probably maintain this price in the transition from the platform to the PC.

The general feeling of the title art house, where it aspires to something beyond the norm which leaves some with a taste of pretension that slips into the palette, because each decision does not ultimately lead to the “best clearance “tangentially prescribed.