Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin – Inside Their Baby

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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber seem happy as a married couple and can’t wait to start a family together! That being said, fans were looking forward to the day when the two would announce the big news!

That being said, what is the truth about their baby making schedule?

An insider report claims to know that although they are about to have a child together in the near future, there are still a couple of things that Hailey and Justin should do first.

In other words, the pair have babies in mind, but that doesn’t mean fans should be on the lookout for a baby bump anytime soon.

The source tells HollywoodLife that Justin and Hailey have already had a lot of heated conversations about becoming parents, but for now, Justin is determined to focus only on getting back to music and touring!

“ Once all of his musical commitments, like touring, have been fulfilled, Justin would like to start a family with Hailey, ” said the insider, adding that the model is “ perfectly compatible with this schedule ”. Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin – Inside Their Baby-Making Plans And Timeline!

It would probably mean that they will have the opportunity to try for a baby in the second half of this year since the tour ends in September!

When he visited Ellen Degeneres earlier this month, Justin was asked how many children they wanted and his answer was certainly the right one.
After all, the fans have been waiting for a long time and it seems that they are not the only ones to be excited since the source assured that everyone the singer is also very impatient to go on stage and deliver a show which people are will remember and talk about. for long time