Porsha Williams Shares A Gorgeous Photo

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The star of the hit television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams, has always been known for her flawless hair since collaborating with her sister, Lauren Williams, in founding their business, Go Naked Hair.

However, it seems that a colleague from Porsche, Jennifer Williams, also deeply appreciates beautiful hair, as the reality TV star appeared in a sexy photo on social networks, wearing a Go Naked Hair wig.

The gorgeous photo was shared by Porsha on her Instagram page, and it showed Jennifer sitting on a chair swinging shiny black curls.

Apparently, the hair was assembled by Atalanta’s renowned hairstylist, Poca Davis, while Porsha expressed gratitude for his incredible work in the video caption.
The actress also did not forget to congratulate her colleague, because she wrote in the description that Jennifer was “another queen showing off her beautiful crown”.

The post quickly generated a lot of comments and fans from the fans of the two stars, and many Porsha subscribers wrote positive words for the support it showed for another talent, while others expressed admiration. for the exceptional success of Go Naked Hair.

One person said, “Omg Jennifer, you are so beautiful !!! No one can say that you are not pretty! Always dressed so chic.  ”

This social media user said:
This contributor wrote: “You are radiant, and you look magnificent. Drop I love the haired girl. “Please don’t let women basketball !!!”

Another follower explained, “You are fantastic. Life is really on your side. “Be your own wife. 🖤🖤These niggas don’t deserve you. You are beautiful, darling !!!! ”

Jennifer also won praise for this message: “As we approach not only a new year but a new decade, be aware of the things God is revealing to you. Porsha Williams Shares A Gorgeous Photo Of Jennifer Williams And Calls Her A Queen — ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Agree That She Does Look Like Royalty Not everyone is supposed to continue your journey in this new decade # Almost2020.  ”
Besides her salary from The Real Housewives of Atlanta series and the fact that Porsha’s hair business turned out to be a good shot, this is not the only source of income for the reality actress, as she has also started her personal line of luxurious bed sheets, which she named “Pampered by Porsha.”