Safaree Tells Fans He Lost His Mind In Quarantine

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Check out the latest clips he posted on his social media account.

“Day 789 .. I see things in my yard… I know that the Easter bunny doesn’t explode buses ah gap and just crawls out of its hole making the shoulder and the birth bounce… my daughter will go crazy”, Safaree published one video in which he is dressed as a bunny.

One commenter said, “Oh, why are you like that?!?!” 😂 @iamerica_mena how do you deal with it? “And another person also asked Erica Mena: ‘I need this energy @iamerica_mena sis how do you deal with it?’

Another said: “This girl will be a happy child. Laughing with crazy everyday lol.” Safaree Tells Fans He Lost His Mind In Quarantine – Check Out This Hilarious Video In The Backyard

Safaree also shared a video in which he deals and said: “Don’t stop Grind. Farewell function dad bod looks nice‼ ️ Who displays link link.‼ .. Στο link to resume.”

A fan said: “afsafaree big homie if you are in or near ATL and you can bring the equipment to you for a serious workout !!” and another fan posted: “Oh, please, you would never have a dad … I just can never see you do that.”