Save Your Nuts Is Leaving Early Access For

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Publisher and developer Firesprite announced their science fiction horror game The Persistence earlier last year. It was originally planned to be released only on the PlayStation 4.

Following the announcement, the team officially announced that the title is also coming to the computer via Steam, along with additional platforms.

The announcement also came with a “Multiplatform” trailer. Save Your Nuts Is Leaving Early Access For A Full Release On Xbox One, Nntendo Switch, And PC On April 16

The official description of the Steam store states: “Your obsession is causing a clone of security officer Zimri Elder to survive on a prosperous star in a deep space colony, overwhelmed by horrific and murderous deviations. You are the last survivor. Your mission? Restore the functionality of the ship and make some way back to Earth. ”

Security officer Zimri must survive to take control of the ship. With each death, a new clone of Zimri is created. Every time a new Zimri wakes up, the inside of the ship also changes.