True Thompson’s Relationship With Psalm West Reminds Folks Of Khloe And Rob Kardashian

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True Thompson’s relationship with Psalm West reminds people of the ties of Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. True may be just two years old and Psalm has just turned one, but fans (and the Kardashian / Jenner family) have noticed that True is extremely loving and protective of her little cousin. While there may be a big age difference in ability between a two-year-old and a year-old, this age gap will narrow as they get older and many believe they will be the next Khloes and Rob! Khloe has always been very maternal towards Rob and the two are extremely close. Life & Style spoke to a source who covered the subject and stated the following.

“She loves and protects like Khloé was with Rob. Khloé already sees it, as well as Rob’s dynamics, in True and Psalm. “True Thompson’s Relationship With Psalm West Reminds Folks Of Khloe And Rob Kardashian50 Cent is known to be a bit of a social media provoker. An artist who could be a fan of the rapper painted murals throughout his city involving 50 Cent and other famous artists, politicians and sportsmen.

However, Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the artist went to his Instagram to say that he was tired of being attacked for his artistic work. Recently, in Australia, an artist with the handle, “lushsux”, on Instagram, posted a mural in which the head of 50 Cent was mixed with that of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Sources say Lushsux likes to use the 50 Cent likeness to mix with other prolific figures, such as Post Malone, Donald Trump, and now Mike Tyson. But he claims to have been beaten for doing it in his city.