We expect that “analytics intelligence

We believe never to work extended hours, but to work well. We work with technology, and in many cases produce this. For us, technology is essential to achieve toy, although life on its own. That’s why we expect that “analytics intelligence” should be at the center of digital advertising. The grounds that we supported the right details for a lot of years is a hundreds of content customers all of us work with and our clients who have not really changed all of us for many years. Among the leading groupings in outdoor advertising and online advertising, Ströer Media offers extremely integrated, top quality communications alternatives tailored to the advertisers.

Ströer sets cutting edge standards in digital content in uniqueness and top quality in Western world and offers impressive opportunities for the purpose of advertisers to focus on their customers within a healthier method. The Ströer semtr uses 290, 500 outdoor marketing spots and thousands of websites as advertising and marketing space for anyone purposes. Towards the end of 2015, Ströer Information AG is among the largest outdoor advertising services in terms of Europe’s turnover, with 824, 1000, 000 Dollar consoles.